Zebra crossing hope outside supermarket

Cars parked on double yellow lines outside Sainsbury's, St Annes.
Cars parked on double yellow lines outside Sainsbury's, St Annes.
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Hopes have been raised road safety concerns outside a St Annes supermarket could finally be about to be addressed.

Police community volunteer Andrew Noble has campaigned for a zebra crossing outside Sainsbury’s on St Andrew’s Road North for the last three years.

He has been in direct contact with Lancashire County Council chief executive Jo Turton who confirmed a zebra crossing is one proposal identified to improve road safety.

Andrew said: “The parked cars on the double yellow lines cause a great deal of obstruction and make it extremely dangerous to cross especially for people with prams and mobility issues.

“I have many residents approaching me each week complaining about the dangerous crossing experience to get to Sainsbury’s. Each year the crossing has been knocked back due to funding but at last no loading markings have appeared and following a consultation, a zebra crossing is being proposed in the next two years.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “The plan for new safety schemes to be delivered in the next year has not yet been agreed, however a proposal for a zebra crossing on St Andrews Road North is one of a number of schemes being considered.”

Manager of Sainsbury’s in St Annes, David Grayson, said: “It will be fantastic if it’s installed, a zebra crossing would be a real benefit for road users and shoppers.

“It’s not the busiest road in the world but many people with blue badges park on the double yellow lines so I agree that something needs to be set-up.”

Arnold Sumner, co-ordinator of St Annes Chamber of Trade, said: “It would be wonderful news, a zebra crossing makes life so much more comfortable and safe. The sooner it’s there, the better as it is a very dangerous crossing.”