VIDEO: Arnfield and Rose in unseemly pre-fight clash

Jack Arnfield and Brian Rose were at the centre of an ugly, head-to-head flashpoint on the eve of Saturday night's Battle Of Blackpool.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 5:58 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 11:54 am
Emotions boil over at Rose v Arnfield weigh-in
Emotions boil over at Rose v Arnfield weigh-in

Feelings simmered to boiling point at the weigh-in at a city centre hotel prior to the pair's title clash at the Manchester Arena.

After the formalities of the weigh-in, there was a face-off on the podium when matters turned decidedly nasty between the erstwhile friends and training partners.

There was a clash of heads with both boxers blaming each other for starting it.

Emotions boil over at Rose v Arnfield weigh-in

The duo had to be separated at which point Bobby Rimmer, Rose's trainer, rushed across the stage in an apparent attempt to confront Arnfield, whom he used to train.

In the resulting commotion, a British Boxing Board Of Control official was bundled over on the stage.

All of this was watched by a shocked audience, which included British Boxing Board Of Control general secretary Robert Smith and a battery of television and press cameras.

It was then that the accusations and recriminations started to be hurled back and forth.

Emotions boil over at Rose v Arnfield weigh-in

Arnfield, who defends his World Boxing Association international title, said: "Brian stuck his head on to me and pushed into me, so I pushed him off.

"You can see on the camera that it wasn't me that instigated it.

"Brian stuck his head on me, and I pushed Brian and then Bobby Rimmer went for me.

"His attitude stinks - he's bitter."

Arnfield's trainer Michael Jennings said: "I am shocked, gobsmacked."

Referring pointedly to Rose, Jennings added: "The mask has finally dropped if I am honest with you - it's all been a facade basically."

Rose accused Arnfield of lighting the blue touch-paper.

"Before you say it was me who started it, it wasn't.

"We were squaring up face-to-face. he touched my head, so I pushed him away.

"There is no need for him to do that - he can touch me on Saturday night.

"If he wants to get physical - we will get physical."

Rimmer, who has accused Arnfield of being jealous of Rose,:defended his actions.

He contended: "I am protecting my fighter.

"It's not every day you fight one of your ex-friends."

At the weigh-in Rose scaled 11 stone five-and-a-half pounds, while Arnfield was 11st 41b, 7oz.