Late Hartlepool goals could cost AFC Fylde dear admits Challinor

Manager Dave Challinor  admitted the two late Hartlepool goals which denied his Fylde side three points could prove very costly this season

Monday, 19th March 2018, 10:00 am
Fylde thought this third goal by James Hardy would have sealed victory over Hartlepool Picture: Steve McLellan

Don’t miss the latest football news and gossip from leagues in England, Scotland and Europe with Coasters led 3-1 at Mill Farm until the 88th minute but two long-range strikes earned the visitors a draw.

Boss Challinor said: “The manner in which we drew the game is obviously very disappointing. It was reminiscent of our results earlier in the season, when we got into winning positions and didn’t get over the line.

“They were two great strikes from distance. Granted they were wind-assisted and the elements have played a big part in the game.

“When their lad smashes one in from 30 yards it gives them a lift and makes for an uncomfortable last five or six minutes. It was preventable because we are caught flatfooted and should have been picking up the second ball after losing the first.

“The second one is down to experienced players making poor decisions and putting us under unnecessary pressure.

“You can’t do much about the strike itself but there were so many mistakes and chances to clear. When you play in conditions like that you have to be bang on. You have to be so careful with the ball and switched on.

“It has cost us two points and ultimately that could cost us a place in the play-offs. We have to learn from it very quickly. We will be disappointed but from Monday we will be putting a plan in place to go and win at Dagenham on Saturday.”