Big Bill to go pro

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Kirkham Amateur Boxing Club’s super-heavyweight Bill Hodgson won what looks likely to be his final bout as an amateur before heading for the professional ranks.

He went out in style at Leamington Spa, where he beat David Abraham of Finchley ABC,

The vastly-experienced Abraham carried a three-stone weight advantage over the Kirkham fighter.

At the outset Hodgson used his speed and footwork to land a sharp jab at range before slipping inside to land his powerful hooks to the body.

Abraham himself produced some solid shots in a close opening round and used his weight advantage to lean on the Kirkham boxer, hoping to tire the smaller man.

The second round saw Hodgson land some heavy shots, causing Abraham to turn his back for which he was warned twice by the referee.

Buckling under intense pressure from Hodgson, Abraham was warned for persistent holding.

In the last round, Hodgson pushed for a stoppage, landing some hard shots to body in attempt to get his opponent to lower his tight defence and he managed to land a right hand to chin just before the final bell.

Hodgson finished a comfortable winner and will be pleased to take away a final amateur victory.

He said: “It was a tough bout. He was a big lad and smothered me at every chance. Every time I opened up he held on and used his weight and size well to try and tire me.

“We only took the bout at short notice to shake off the ring rust before I turn professional.

“We have a great team at Kirkham.

“All the coaches are top-notch and put in long hours with all the boxers. They are the real driving force behind the club.

“I can’t wait to box as a pro. I think it will be perfect for my style of boxing and I want to be in action as much as possible.”