Scott wants a shot at British title

Scott Cardle celebrates his points victory at Manchester Arena on Saturday
Scott Cardle celebrates his points victory at Manchester Arena on Saturday
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Lytham boxer Scott Cardle had a message for the newly-crowned British lightweight champion Lewis Ritson: “Do the right thing and give me a title shot.”

And it looks highly likely that Cardle will get his wish after a pivotal night of boxing in the lightweight division at the Manchester Arena.

Cardle won his first fight since losing his British title to Robbie Barrett in Glasgow in April when he scored a six-rounds points win over Lee Connelly, who brought an extremely modest record but proved extremely durable.

Meantime, Barrett lost to a seventh round stoppage to the new champion Ritson, who indicated in the post-fight euphoria that Cardle was in his sights.

Cardle said of Ritson: “He should do the right thing and give me the shot.

“I don’t want to go beyond British level until I have won that Lonsdale Belt outright.”

It was clear from Saturday night’s events that Cardle will have to be at the very top of his game to overcome Ritson, who had his man down for the count on four occasions, until the Barrett corner threw the towel into the ring just at the point referee Steve Gray was about to stop it.

Cardle set the pattern for his fight in the opening two rounds by being very aggressive.

The pace slackened in the third and it was the next round that Cardle got careless as Connelly got through with a couple of left hooks.

In the fifth Cardle tried his best to finish it, but Connelly withstood all the blows raining in on him from different angles.

It looked as though Cardle had won each of the six rounds, but referee Darren Sarginson saw it different and made it 59-56.

Cardle said afterwards: “I was quite reckless at times and because of my inactivity I wanted to test my lungs. I trained really hard for this, but as far as style and technique I am not too happy with that side of things.

“But at the end of the day I have got six rounds under my belt. It made me work and I will make sure I am worthy of that belt next time.”