St Annes Triathlon an event for the ages

The run followed the swim and bike ride in the St Annes Triathlon
The run followed the swim and bike ride in the St Annes Triathlon

The St Annes Triathlon really is an event for all ages – the overall winner of the ladies’ event came from the supervet age category and the fastest male was a junior.

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Hundreds entered the traditional middle event in the annual Fylde Tri-logy series of triathlons, which started at Ribby Hall in March and concludes in Fleetwood in September.
The triathlon consists of a 400m swim, immediately followed by a 20km bike ride and 5km run, though various shorter distances are covered by younger age groups.
The St Annes event is based at St Annes YMCA pool, from where the competitors head out on two wheels and on foot to cover routes around the promenade and surrounding country lanes.
The men’s winner was Matthew Rodger of the Wigan Triathlon Club, one of three competitors to break the hour mark. Second, third and fourth places all went to athletes from Ribby Hall Tri.
World champion Barbara Holmes followed her victory at Ribby Hall by winning the women’s race, again ahead of second-placed Rhianna Parkinson.
The Blackpool Aquatics Triathlon Squad (BATS) again featured prominently in the junior competitions.
Organiser Tim Armit told The Gazette: “The weather was cold for the kids but improved all day and was perfect for racing.
“The new kids’ bike course worked well, and with a couple of tweaks on the U-turn at the pool it will be better still next time.”
One marshal was involved in a distressing incident but the organisers were full of praise for these dedicated volunteers.
Armit added: “Our marshals are unbelievable and volunteer for all those hours for the entire race to make it safe for everyone to race. They support, they cheer and they help, and without them there is no race.”
On a happy note, he added: “A huge thank you to the most honest mum in the world, who rang to tell me her son had done the wrong bike route and had to have his result changed. That is fantastic integrity.”

Open Men: 1. Matthew Rodger 58.17, 2. Mark Bennett (Ribby Hall) 59.17, 3. Stuart Robinson (Ribby Hall) 59.39, 4 Matthew Stevens (Ribby Hall) 60.44
Open Ladies: 1. Barbara Holmes (Team Windmill) 65.41, 2. Rhianna Parkinson 66.12, 3. Caroline Betmead (Blackpool Wyre and Fylde) 66.51
Junior Ladies: 1. Georgina Milner-Day 69.22, 2. Joanna Smith 81.02, 3. Kate Galloway 81.02
Super Vet Ladies: 1. Sue Jackson 69.56, 2. Janet Hoyle 90.26, 3. Anna Ashton 90.40
Vet Ladies: 1. Fay Morne 70.11, 2, Maxine Monks 71.23, 3. Lesley Gray (Rossall) 72.49
Junior Men: 1. William Holmes 69.50, 2. Joseph Holmes 70.10, 3. Adam Smith (BATS) 73.28
Supervet Men: 1. Stephen Marsh 68.41, 2. Ged Johnson 69.44, 3. Martin Gaskell 74.32
Vet Men: 1. Matthew Stevens (Ribby Hall) 60.44, 2. John Garnsey 61.13, 3. Stephen Cox 61.25
FTS 1.Hettie Maclean-Bristol 11.08, 2. Bella Moretti 14.37, 3. Effie Loze-Doyle 14.50
MTS 1. Ollie Taylor 14.07, 2. Alfie Millar 22.27, 3. Rory Poole 29.38
FT1 1. Beatrix Connell (BATS) 20.14, 2. Chloe McManus 22.29, 3. Polly Kershaw 22.44
MT1 1. William Grundy 17.41, 2. Hector Maclean-Bristol 18.51, 3. Angus Millar 19.28
FT2 1. Alicia Aspbury 27.26, 2. Delilah Browning 27.47, 3. Gracie Scott (BATS) 29.19
MT2 1. Matthew Smith 27.27, 2. Finnian Reynolds (BATS) 28.21, 3. Joseph Brewis 28.51
FT3 1. Maddison Betmead (BATS) 33.46, 2. Betty Kershaw (BATS) 34.30, 3. Evie Houlihan (BATS) 36.03
MT3 1. Luke Rawcliffe (BATS) 29.37, 2 Isaac Battye 31.20, 3. Liam Smith 38.47
FYouth 1. Olivia Ball 41.44, 2. Trista McNaught 46.45, 3. Isabelle Harkins 49.54
MYouth 1. Jamie Edwards 40.59, 2. Elliott Gray-Medd 44.25, 3. Yemi Ajiteru (Rossall) 46.54