Wimbledon comes to AKS

Winner Megan Whorlton-Jones
Winner Megan Whorlton-Jones
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Wimbledon may be spread over a fortnight in south-west London, but at AKS it’s all completed in a morning.

The school’s annual ‘Wimbledon’ event was staged last Thursday on the school courts, complete with umpires, ball girls and of course strawberries and cream.

This popular and ever-growing tournament rounded off an excellent tennis season at AKS, as close to 100 girls and boys from years 7-10 signed up to play in the singles, doubles or mixed doubles tournaments.

The pupils organised and officiated their own matches, with the last two in each event qualifying for the special ‘finals experience’.

Every pupil raised their game and some outstanding tennis was played in all the closely contested matches.

The Year 7 and 8 boys’ singles tournaments were the closest, with of Roan Zacharais crowned year 8 champion, while his brother was runner up in the year 7 tournament, beaten by John Barraclough.

Year 7’s Ruby Wildish played superbly to lift the girls’ title with superb serving and hard hitting.

She completed the double when she won the year 7 doubles title with her partner Emily Turpie.

Sophie Bridges also completed the double, winning the year 8 singles and doubles, while her brother Chris Bridges took the year 10 boys’ singles title.

Charlotte Leman proved herself to be a star player as she lifted three titles.

She defeated Hannah Beeby in a close game to win the year 9 singles, paired up with Grace Webster to take doubles title against Alex Cowburn and Georgia Cherry, and made it a treble with Will Haresceugh in the mixed doubles championship.

Mercedes Eccles also had a double victory, winning the year 10 doubles with Jenny Lucking and the mixed doubles with Sam Robertson.

A fantastic morning’s tennis culminated with the awarding of trophies by headteacher Mr Walton.

The year 7 ball girls, who did a tremendous job, created the tunnel for the presentation and everyone then enjoyed strawberries and cream to end the morning in fitting style.

Results in full:

Year 7 Girls Singles: winner R Wildish, runner-up E. Wright

Year 7 Boys Singles: winner J Barraclough, runner-up J. Zacharias

Year 8 Girls Singles: winner S Bridges, runner-up B. Ackerma

Year 8 Boys Singles: winners R Zacharias, runner-up O Knowles

Year 9 Girls Singles: winner C Leman, runner-up H. Beeby

Year 9 Boys Singles: winner W Haresceugh, runner-up J. Hodge

Year 10 Girls Singles: winner M Whorlton-Jones, runner-up D.Salt

Year 10 Boys Singles: winner C Bridges, runner-up S. Robertson

Year 7 Girls Doubles: winners E Turpie / R Wildish, runners-up A. Haslem/E. Shepherd

Year8 Girls Doubles: winners S Bridges / L Payne, runners-up E.Butterfield/A. Lloyd

Year 9 Girls Doubles: winners C Leman / G Webster, runners-up A. Cowburn/G. Cherry

Year 10 Girls Doubles: winners M Eccles / J Lucking, runners-up C. Bywater/C. Fewster

Year 9 Mixed Doubles: winners C Leman / W Haresceugh, runners-up H.Beeby/H. Shaw

Year 10 Mixed Doubles: winners M Eccles / S Robertson, runners-up Y. Zakrewski/C. Bridges