Paul Zerdin excited for Blackpool return ahead of new shows at Pleasure Beach in its 125th anniversary season

Master of voices and puppets Paul Zerdin is coming back to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a six-week residency in the park's milestone 125th anniversary year and he ‘can’t wait.’

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 3:45 pm
Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin with puppet Sam. He returns to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for six weeks of shows on July 16

Paul has spent a great deal of time locked up with his puppets in the last 18 months after the former America’s Got Talent winner was forced to cancel his tour, various festivals and Pantomime commitments in the wake of lockdown.

Thankfully, life as a creator meant he could set about writing new projects, ready to share with the world.....which he did briefly with a three-day stint in the resort last October half term at the Horseshoe, in spite of the Tier Three restrictions

But now he is back and after the most turbulent time for the entertainment industry, he is looking forward to getting back to what he does best, entertaining live audiences.

The Wimbledon based performer said: “I’ve said for years how much I love working at the Horseshoe. I’ve not gigged for six months and last time I did it was with all the restrictions.

“The audiences really were fantastic and you could tell people were ready for something and I’m hoping it will be much the same for the opening of the summer shows too.”

Paul has been performing and touring now for nearing on three decades but his love for comedy and ventriloquism has never waned, especially in a evolving age where animatronics and new technology is forever expanding and allowing him to bring his work to life in completely new ways.

This time he brings to the resort even more new sketches from his scheduled Hands Free tour later in the year and all new shenanigans live from his favourite characters from Sam, to old man Albert and Baby.

“Some of my favourite bits are working with the puppets being off stage, it’s ventriloquism in a totally different way. We’ve had to adapt but things in that sense have happened by accident while experimenting - it keeps it fresh.”

The opening show is July 16, the only show that will be subject to social distancing restrictions, with the release of lockdown laws on July 19 Freedom Day.

Paul,48, who landed a Las Vegas residency after his momentous win of AGT in 2015, will perform Friday’s until August 28 at the Horseshoe Showbar

He added: “Blackpool is a place I know so well and love.

“I have had a many fantastic season at the Pleasure Beach and the thought of being back there, doing what I do, I’m really excited, itching to get going.

“There is something about the room there - it has always fit my show so well and actually speaking to other performers they say the same. It’s made for comedy.

“I can only hope I’ve come up with the goods.”

Paul, who through lockdown introduced his new online comedy sketch show series Sponge Weekly on YouTube is presenting new material as part of his fun-filled family ventriloquist show featuring his well-known and familiar characters.

For his latest outing he will be joined by one of his newest puppets, his bodyguard and former CIA agent Roger.

Paul added: "It was great to be back in the gym after lockdown getting all the creative juices flowing and then coming home and writing it all down.

"This summer is going to be a great warm up for the autumn tour and it's just fantastic to be able to have some fun with it now and deliver it in front of an audience and let them be the judge."