Dining out: Chu’s, Church Road, Lytham

Chu's Oriental Cuisine in Lytham.
Chu's Oriental Cuisine in Lytham.
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There are a few things in life that mesmerise me.

A roaring open fire when it’s freezing outside. Watching in disbelief my mother trying to choose a parking space in an empty car park (six minutes, 47 seconds the current record).

And now, the dexterity and poise of Chu’s waitress expertly slicing up and preparing our half duck is a worthy addition to the list.

“Are you OK....Andy....are you OK,” said my dining partner with increasing concern as the server finished off tearing up the duck into perfect pancake-sized portions.

I was mesmerised by her skill, me being a total sucker for someone who can transform food into a proper spectacle.

No wonder Chu’s is highly thought-of in Lytham and beyond.

A classy contemporary restaurant it may be but if the food is no good then all the interior design in the world wouldn’t mask it.

Fortunately, we had no such bother.

We opted for the Combination Platter for two (£6) which included seaweed, spring rolls, barbecue ribs and sesame toast.

All were perfectly cooked, the rolls and ribs steaming hot and the toast, often a soggy let down, crunchy and tasty.

Drinks drained, hunger sated, we awaited our main course, half aromatic duck to share (£17.50). The restaurant wasn’t busy by any means but the service was hugely impressive, our main course arriving within minutes of the platter being cleared away.

After my geeky interlude, we tucked into the hearty duck with vigour. It was hot and perfectly moist, the pancakes light and fluffy.

Our bill, with drinks, came to a very reasonable £36 before we headed off to sample the delights of Lytham on a Saturday night. Tremendous.