Friends Musical Friendsical inspired by the hit 90s sitcom set to come to Blackpool Grand Theatre

The one about the news Friends musical
The one about the news Friends musical

Have you heard the one about the new Friends inspired musical?

Die-hard fans of hit 90s sitcom series Friends can expect great things from a new stage production inspired by the iconic US show which is set to visit Blackpool on its UK debut tour later this year.

Friendsical, written and directed by Miranda Larson, is a parody of the hit TV show and will feature original songs ‘(He’s her) Lobster!’, ‘Richard’s Moustache’ and ‘You’re Over Me? When Were You Under Me?’

None of the original cast from the Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. series Friends are said to be involved with the production.

Highly experienced writer-director for TV and theatre Larson is known to be a huge fan of the original series and this week tweeted her excitement at the first script read through ahead of the tour which opens at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham on July 15

The tweet read: “A BIG THANKS to the actors who read for us at the first script read-through

“I cannot wait to direct this show, find our cast and get it up on its feet. Could I BE any more excited?”

A full casting is to be announced shortly.

The parody musical, produced by Birdbrooke Entertainment ltd, will visit The Grand Theatre, Blackpool on September 23 to 28 2019.

Friendsical will also enjoy a full run at the Edinburgh Festival from August 1 to 25 as part of the Assembly Festival programme in the Music Hall of The Assembly Rooms.

When Ross’ wife leaves him for another woman, he fears he will never find love again.

But then Rachel runs back into his life... will he end up with his one true love?

As well as the new score, the gang take on naked Thursdays, a power cut, and a dinosaur convention.

What could possibly go wrong?

Larson’s previous credits include comedy, The Box Upstairs, her first commissioned play in 2004.Recent adaptations include Tom Fletcher’s Christmasaurus for the Hammersmith Apollo, and the writing and directing of Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright’s The Night Pirates, which opened at the Rose Theatre Kingston and toured the UK.

Other live show credits include the comedies SpongeBob Live & The Amazing World Of Gumball.