Mr Selfridge in puppet show pitch for resort

Actor Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge
Actor Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge
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American actor Jeremy Piven, best knowsn as ITV’s Mr Selfridge has said he’d ‘do a puppet show in Blackpool’ to keep working in the UK as the drama’s final series hits screens on Friday.

Emmy Award-winner Jeremy has thanked British audiences for the warm welcome he’s received playing the high street magnate and would readily stay on this side of the Atlantic.

“You go where you’re loved, and they [Brits] welcome me with open arms, so I would love to work here in any TV, film or stage roles,” he said. “I’ll do a puppet show up in Blackpool - wherever they’ll have me!

“It’s so rare that a show even gets to last four years over here because the audiences are opinionated, and so they choose their time wisely,” Piven adds of Mr Selfridge’s success. “You have to earn trust, so the fact that we’re still on four years later is beautiful.

“I’m pretty happy about that.”

He promises fans of the show the fourth and final series will be ‘the best yet’, adding: “Everything we’ve seen and been working towards on this Mr Selfridge journey is coming through in this season and coming to a close.

“In my opinion, what makes British drama the best is that it doesn’t burn its steps; it takes its time telling the story, plays with pace and has fun with it.”

The final series of Mr Selfridge starts on ITV on Friday.