Ofcom drops probe into Noel Fielding's GBBO fridge gag

GBBO presenter Noel Fielding
GBBO presenter Noel Fielding

Media watchdog Ofcom has said it will not be investigating complaints made about the moment The Great British Bake Off presenter Noel Fielding was shut inside a fridge.

The quirky show host hid inside the closed machine for a brief gag earlier on in the current series of the pre-watershed Channel 4 show.

The regulator said that it received 55 complaints from people who said that the scene, aired just before 9pm on September 12, could have a dangerous influence on children.

An Ofcom spokesman said in a statement on Monday: "We assessed complaints that a scene in this programme was potentially dangerous and could be imitated by children.

"We found that the scene was very brief and occurred later in the programme, when younger children were least likely to be watching."

Following an assessment, they added: "All fridges made after 1960 must include a mechanism to open the door from the inside."

Meanwhile, the regulator is currently investigating 46 complaints about a comment made on the broadcaster's reality show, First Dates.

An episode of the programme, which sees couples meet for a blind date in a London restaurant, earlier this month featured a person who said they had once been "catfished by a tranny".

The term "catfish" refers to a person who uses a fictional identity online to attract romantic attention from others, while "tranny" is derogatory slang for a transvestite or transgender person.

The spokesman said: "We are investigating whether a comment included in this programme breached our rules on generally accepted standards."

The episode was broadcast at 10pm on October 2.