Get musical tips from a real Lord of the Strings

Guitarist Aziz Ibrahim, who's played with The Stone Roses and Simply Red, will host a masterclass tonight at The Galleon.
Guitarist Aziz Ibrahim, who's played with The Stone Roses and Simply Red, will host a masterclass tonight at The Galleon.
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Aspiring musicians can get tips from a top professional tonight with a newly launched guitar masterclass in town.

The Galleon Bar, in Abingdon Street, will host Aziz 
Ibrahim, who has played with The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, and Simply Red, in what is hoped to become a regular event.

The masterclass has come about thanks to general manger Mark Flitter’s experience in recruitment and passion for helping people in getting back to work.

Galleon general manager Mark said: “Prior to working in my current role, I worked in training and recruitment in London and used to help long-term unemployed people get back into work.

“In the 10 years I did that, I saw how unemployment can affect people’s motivation and confidence and quite often had to deal with that before even being able to assist with getting them back into a sustainable job.”

After joining The Galleon two years ago, Mark drew on his previous experience and saw a number of parellels between unemployment issues and the music industry.

“Although I am no expert in the music sector I came to realise that in any industry being out of work can be extremely demotivating,” Mark said.

“Being a musician is difficult, and even more competitive than other more general industries.

“Having doors closed in your face, travelling all over the country for endless auditions and getting letters of ‘thanks but no thanks’ must be at times soul destroying.

“With this in mind The 
Galleon Bar has been trying for some time to get a recognised person within the industry to help us keep local musicians focussed and demonstrate that if you remain 
determined and work hard it wil be achievable.

“Sadly not many established artists or musicians seem to be to forthcoming to help without charging thousands for their time.”

But Aziz answered Mark’s plea to find someone willing to share their expertise and experience with local musicians.

He added: “Opportunities do not come like this everyday. To meet and listen to someone who has been through the highs and lows will help aspiring musicians to realign their goals and this can only be a positive thing.”

The Lord Of The Strings masterclass with Aziz Ibrahim takes place at The Galleon Bar, from 5.30pm.

For more information, call (01253) 751488.