REVIEW: Yes, Prime Minister - Poulton Drama, Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Yes Prime Minister
Yes Prime Minister
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The hit TV show was brought to the stage by the same writers Antony Jay and David Lynne but brought more up-to-date by having Europe on the brink of financial disaster, possible collapse of the Euro and the dangers of global warming.

Poulton Drama, with director Anthony Stone, together with the three main characters, pompous but totally out of control Prime Minister Jim Hacker, his devious but intelligent cabinet secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby and Bernard Wooley the PM’s private secretary and ‘yes man’.

Yes Prime Minister

Yes Prime Minister

All three parts played excellently by Anthony Henry, Stuart Holden and Chris Bill respectively they are well supported by Sue Wilkinson, Paul Aitken, Ian Rowe, Michael Antribus and Paul Metcalfe.

The story revolved round the fact that the only way out of the crisis is that the country of Kumranistan can ensure a loan of 10 million euros but the country’s Ambassador is demanding sexual favours which the Prime Minister and his aids find morally difficult to accept.

All works out well in the end but if you want to find out how you will have to go and see the play.

You will enjoy it.

It plays at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool, until Saturday.

All tickets £13, available: or contact: (01253) 290190

Alan Hebden