Batman: Arkham Knight Review

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It’s safe to say, Rocksteady have mastered how being the Dark Knight would feel which is a shame because Batman: Arkham Knight is their final offering. Playing through the Bats final adventure, my mouth could only say one word: Wow! The developers have really capitalised on every gameplay mechanic and unique feature introduced in the previous Arkham games creating quite easily, not only the best Batman game, but the best superhero game period.

Scarecrow comes to the forefront as he attempts to take over Gotham City with the assistance of an unknown assailant who clearly has it in for the Caped Crusader. Only known as the Arkham Knight, this military trained individual holds a grudge and with Scarecrow, they make quite the deadly alliance. Other famous Batman villains also have their own agenda such as Two-Face, who wants to take all of the riches held in Gotham’s banks and Cobblepot aka The Penguin who plans to supply arms to street thugs plus many more. The story is fantastic! Grade A voice acting and motion capture makes Arkham Knight the most immersive, action packed and cinematic Batman game yet. Special shout out to The Riddler, that guy is crazy but very clever.

Arkham Knight is bigger and better all-round. Batman controls identical to how he did in City and Asylum with all gadgets plus some new ones to help him scale the city or kick some serious ass. Gotham is huge and caters perfectly for Batman’s newest weapon, The Batmobile. Batman’s Bat-car is fully playable and can be summoned at any point. This thing is incredible and expertly designed to tackle the many obstacles you will encounter in Arkham Knight. Car mode allows you to tear through Gotham at lightning speeds and launch out to glide across the skyline but the most interesting feature is the Batmobile’s Tank mode. This mode allows you to strafe and shoot the unmanned drones patrolling the streets of Gotham at your leisure or take on any enemy forces that come your way. It’s a nice change of pace and the controls are fantastic.

Batman’s fighting skills have significantly improved too. The Arkham Asylum invented free-flow combat is here in all its glory with additional ways to take out your opponents such as environment takedowns, use the enemies weapons against them and even use the Batmobile if it’s around to assist. Batman’s allies Robin, Catwoman and Nightwing can now be playable and switched between freely as well as execute some awesome looking double team takedowns, but sadly these sections are only in parts in certain missions. Damn!

Whilst Batman: Arkham Knight is jam packed full of small details that make this game stand out, the graphics are rough around the edges on PS4. This lack of polish does absolutely nothing to hinder the fantastic views on offer thankfully and the many stylish action sequences that are everywhere are simply stunning. My jaw never came off the floor during my time protecting Gotham, there is a lot here and it looks amazing, even the constant raining looks good.


Gotham City is massive and full of little details.

Brilliant story that keeps you on edge.

Lots of side missions featuring Batman’s better known villains.

Batman controls as good as ever.

Team up battles.

The Batmobile is a fantastic new addition.

Being Batman doesn’t get any better than this.


Visuals are a bit rough around the edges.

The Riddler’s Batmobile puzzles are frustrating!

Too many Riddler trophies to collect.


There is no mistaking that Arkham Knight is the greatest Batman game available. Rocksteady have excelled at making the player really feel like they are the Dark Knight himself complete with his best known weapon, The Batmobile. This thing is cool and the impressive cast of characters brings the massive Gotham City alive! The best superhero game ever made!